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We are currently licensing content for on demand and linear media streaming on new mobile TV platforms. The launch of the new platforms create a unique opportunity for content creators and rights holders by providing favorable monetized distribution outlets on a global scale. The future of entertainment lies in on demand, user directed programming available across all mobile and internet-based platforms. 

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Titles below are from our current catalogue available for licensing:

The Crew

A multi-award winning film spin-off series that's mesmerizing to the core. The Crew is a documentary series that follows the extraordinary lives of 3 best mates. Richie 'Vas' Vaculik, Mark Mathews & Kid Mac are all chasing their goals as they strive to be the top of their game. All three journeys are intertwined in a fascinating display of friendship, support and adrenalin pumping action

Off The Edge

In 2014 Pro freerunners Jesse La Flair and Cory DeMeyers created and executed the 1st leg of the largest parkour and freerunning world tour ever created. Season 1 of the Off The Edge web series follows the two Tempest Freerunning athletes from the planning stages in Los Angeles across the world as they travel throughout Europe bringing communities together while hosting record breaking jams and screening their From Here to There documentary film to audiences in 8 different countries in less then 30 days. 

Beer Geeks

Beer Geeks is an entertaining and voyeuristic road trip into the exploding world of craft beer. Master Brewer and Host Michael Ferguson visits breweries all across the country to meet the entertaining characters who are making America’s best and most unique beers. He also cooks with beer, pairs food with beer, and chases down unique ingredients, from a cactus patch in Texas to a pumpkin patch in Oregon. If you’re a beer lover, this is a no brainer. If you’re not, check it out – it’s a great trip into a colorful corner of American culture

Venice The Series

Venice the Series centers on the life of Gina Brogno – a single, gay, successful interior designer, living, loving and working in Venice Beach, California. It tells a diverse story through her family, friends and professional life. Gina is a strong, confident, and complex woman who navigates her relations with people through an intense yet thoughtful prism. Venice follows her experiences with her Ex-Love Ani, brother Owen, father The Colonel and myriad other characters that make up Gina’s network of relationships. The storyline offers the best of traditional soap romance, love stories, tragic happenings, and hairpin turns. But it is done in a new, savvy, and edgy format with unique character development, diversity of character, and tantalizing plot portrayal

In The Booth

Unprecedent Access, On Stage, Back Stage, Front Row, Tiësto

Great Getaways

Dave Mulligan in Great Getaways

Money Where Your Mouth Is

A preview of the series Money Where Your Mouth Is, hosted by comedian Jay Mohr. This clip is from the first of three rounds of competition: Man-Knowledge

Home, Life & Style

Join host Parker Kelly as she explores the best of New England.