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MILAN, ITALY/SAN MARCOS, TX - Great achievements for the rock band WOLF THEORY, a five members band coming from the Italian rock/metal scene, announcing today the sign with the American label CAPTIVA RECORDS / REDEYE WORLDWIDE for the release of the upcoming material. The Italian combo is ready to promote the first single taken from the new upcoming full-length.

With WOLF THEORY Captiva Entertainment Group re-launch its label Captiva Records, previously founded in 2005, among with a distribution deal with the award-winning Redeye Worldwide, that works with some of the greatest acts in rock & heavy global scene.

Chris Perez, President/CEO of Captiva, is excited about the evolution of the company and rebirth of the label, "I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with both Elio Fabro (guitars) and Fabio ‘Random’ Petrelli (bass) years ago, and the pleasure to have them over for our showcases during SXSW in Austin, Texas. After time, the two musicians joined Emiliano (singer) and Teo Camellini (drummer) and founded the new project WOLF THEORY, which sound I immediately fell in love. Vocal lines are both powerful and nuanced staying true to their rock/metal foundation. Combined with the rhythm section powerhouse with the outer worldly guitar work, create a really exclusive and unique project, that excited and motivated me to make Captiva their home. The seasoned musicians with the addition of producer oZZo have crafted their own brand of interesting electronic infused modern rock.” 

WOLF THEORY is a burning mix of rock, alternative, electronic and industrial music, in an unique style. Born in 2017 from the experience of four musicians with major appearances into the rock/metal scene, opening for Rammstein, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, HIM and Disturbed (among others). During the same year the band released new songs and decided to perform in different selected shows in Italy, preparing themselves for the real international debut. In 2018 oZZo, band’s producer, became the fifth member as electronic and synth player.


The deal with Captiva Records / Redeye Worldwide pushes officially WOLF THEORY overseas, ready for a foretaste of their new album.

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Emi Camellini - Vocals
Elio Alien Fabro - Guitar
Fabio Random Petrelli - Bass
Teo Camellini - Drums
Ivano oZZo Tomba - Synth, electronic